• About Us

    Let Hoff Design Build assist you in designing your next home, kitchen or addition. We would love to meet with you and discuss your goals and ideas. When you choose Hoff Design Build (HBD), we will site measure and develop an as-built 3D model of your home or project and will work from that model […]

  • Renders

    Periodically I will post interesting renders of projects that we have created. North End Home -“As-Built” Model Many of the homes in the North End exist within the Historic District. I have found it helpful to create accurate visual representations as they exist prior to designing a remodel. While creating a 3D model, “as-built” floorplan […]

  • Video

    Hoff Design Build will post videos here of some of the projects that we have designed and played a part in creating. This video was created for our booth display at the Boise Center on the Grove Remodeling show in 2020, it will give you some insight as to much of the experience that we […]