Periodically I will post interesting renders of projects that we have created.

North End Home -“As-Built” Model

Many of the homes in the North End exist within the Historic District. I have found it helpful to create accurate visual representations as they exist prior to designing a remodel. While creating a 3D model, “as-built” floorplan and elevations drawings are created as well. What you see here is a photo realistic render. This is a great way to communicate architectural projects to our clients and contractors.

Small House With Brick

This is a 3D model created in Chief Architect, It was an attempt to make a render that was convincing to the eye as a photograph. Many of the textures in this image were made by Hoff Design. In a 3D environment, we have control over the scene, the cameras and the lighting. Notice the shadows that assist in helping make this 3D model come to life.