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Kitchens 02

Hoff Design Build Kitchen Design and Remodeling Gallery 02

Hoff Design Kitchens


Kitchen Remodel

Photos and 3D Renderings - Miscellaneous Kitchens, Cabinetry and Kitchen Designs by Hoff Design Build

3D Design - Kitchen Remodel - Relocated Kitchen to different spot in house - Boise Bench

Photos - Kitchen Remodel - Removed Soffit, Replaced Tops, Tile Splash, Misc Electrical and Plumbing - West Boise

Design - 3D Renders of Kitchen Design - Preliminary- Boise Bench


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We are a Boise, Idaho based Remodeling and Kitchen Design and Remodeling Company with a focus on Functional Kitchen Planning. Modern Kitchens, New Kitchens, and Updating Kitchens is a major part of our business.

We operate a local Cabinet Shop , Laurel Crown Custom Cabinetry, where we build European Style Cabinetry.

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