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Although our specialty is Laurel Crown European Style Cabinetry, we build custom cabinetry in our shop in Boise Idaho.


Below is a video of an artistic barn door constructed from beginning to completion by Hoff Design Build in Boise, Idaho. Hoff used reclaimed lumber from a demolition project, therefore, the reclaimed lumber gave us a rustic finish. When possible he prefers to use steel and metal found at Pacific steel and recycling. Pacific has a ‘bone’ yard, or a place where one can find re-purposed metal. With this barn door he used a combination of new and re-purposed steel. Earlier, Hoff built a rail with an artistic steel design in the stairway at the same location where this door will be installed. He decided to match the same style. Angles in the house gave him a challenge to overcome, but it worked out beautifully. See the video below.

Artistic Barn Door

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Kitchen Remodel Boise Idaho

Hoff Design Build specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling and general construction in Boise, Idaho. 3D design technology enables you to see your kitchen remodel before construction begins.

Our strength begins with the unique ability to help you visualize your project before you start construction. Most projects require design and planning for a successful result. Therefore we provide services to draw plans and, when needed, create a realistic 3D model of your kitchen remodel or project. The 3D model can then be viewed as if you were actually walking through it. Designing your space is our specialty.

When the design process is complete Hoff Design Build will build it for you. Our craftsmanship is excellent. We would love to help you improve your lifestyle in Boise, Idaho.

Hoff Design Build Kitchen Remodel Boise, Idaho
Select Image above to visit Hoff Design Build Kitchens, Design and Remodel

At Hoff Design Build, we also offer our very own line of cabinetry, Laurel Crown. We build our cabinets locally, right here in Boise, ID.

Select video to see design of kitchen remodel before Hoff Design Build starts the project

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