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Design your space so you can see it, before you start.

360 viewer

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Eagle Bathroom Remodel 360 view of 3D design – Move the image below with your mouse

Bathroom Image

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North End Kitchen

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Hoff Design Build updated this lovely Boise North End home by modernizing the Kitchen. 3D design was a major aspect in assisting our clients to see what their kitchen will look like prior to starting the project. This Boise North End Kitchen Remodel was a major improvement to the home while retaining the original design elements. The time frame for this size of project is typically two to three months.

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Kitchen Remodel

Posted in 3D Design, Cabinetry Design, Kitchens, Laurel Crown Cabinetry, and Remodeling Design

3D Graphic Design – Designing in a Challenging Space

Hoff Design Build in Boise Idaho, designs a kitchen Remodel in a challenging space. Shaker doors, modern, quartz counter top, engineered flooring all come together after the existing kitchen is gutted, some walls and soffits removed and repaired. Below are videos which shows our process and design from the initial visit to a beautiful kitchen design.

The Final Design – Above
Designing in a Challenging Space – The process of creating the 3D design – Above

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Boise Bench Remodel

Posted in Baths, Kitchens, Remodeling, and Remodeling Design

Hoff Design Build recently completed this modern Upper Level Remodel. It includes a Master Suite, Kitchen, Stairs, Powder Bath, Nook and Family Room. This project is located on the Boise Bench. Please visit the gallery below.

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Remodel Gallery 03

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Photos - Main Floor Remodel - Hardwood Floors, Fireplace, Hall Bath, Master Bath, Patio Door, New Trim, Base and Casing, New Painting - Ceilings and Walls, New Hardware - Boise Bench

Design - Kitchen Remodel, Mudroom, Butlers Pantry, 2400 sf Addition with 5 new Bedrooms , 2 New Baths including Master Bedroom Suite - Exterior Roof and facade change - Eagle, Idaho

Design - Church Stage, Sound and Space Planning Renders and Drawings - Vertical Plan - (Stage is on Back wall) - Central Bench, Boise

Design - Church Stage, Sound and Space Planning Renders and Drawings - Horizontal Plan - (Stage is on side wall) - Central Bench, Boise

Photos and Design of Library and Display Cabinetry - Hidden Springs, Idaho

Design - Bedroom Addition - Remodel - South Boise

Photos - Cabinetry on fireplace wall - designed and built in our shop - Meridian, Idaho

Photos - Wine Cellar - West Boise

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Remodel Gallery 02

Posted in 3D Design, Remodeling, and Remodeling Design

3D Renders and Drawings of Master Suite Addition - South Boise

3D Renderings and drawings of a garage and over the top addition which will add a living space, garage, bathroom, laundry room, mudroom and elevator on the main floor, and 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on the second level - South Boise

During and After Photos - Library Cabinetry and Pantry Cabinetry - Mayfield, Idaho

Before and After Photos of a Whole House Update - Painted all trim and doors including cabinetry, refinished and stained the floors, painted walls and ceilings, installed trim - West Boise

Before and After Photos and Drawings of Under Home Excavation Basement Addition - 900 new square feet including stairway, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a media room/theater - West Boise

Photos of Secret Door from Bedroom - posing as a bookshelf - Meridian, Idaho

Photos and 3D Renders of a fly tying station - East Boise

Photos - Pergola Roof over entry way, now waiting for Ivy to jump on board - Boise Bench

Photos and Drawings of full Basement Remodel and some work on the Main Floor. Includes a Basement Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, two more Bedrooms, Hall Bath, Living Room and on the Main Floor replaced some doors, built and installed a barn door, and installed a tile splash at the Kitchen - Boise Bench

Design- Garage, Pantry and Mudroom Addition to Small Home - Mayfield, Idaho

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Remodel Gallery 01

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Upper Level Remodel To Include: Master Suite, Kitchen, Stairs, Powder Bath, Nook and Family Room. Boise Bench

Design, Before, During and After Photos of Church Remodel Transforming a Coors Warehouse into... a Church. Hoff Design Build created the 3D design drawings for this project - Boise, Idaho

Design - A Local Movie Theater Facade - Boise, Idaho

Design, Before and After Photos - Master Bedroom Suite Addition including, Bathroom, Closets and Kitchenette - West Boise

Design - Patio Additions with fireplace, trellis and trex decking - New Meadows, Idaho

Design and Photos - Patio and Upper Deck Addition 3D Renderings, Before and After Photos and drawings - Boise Bench

Design and Photos - Office and Library Remodel with Wine Storage including new cabinetry and shelving - West Boise

Design and Photos- Patio Roof and Deck using special metal brackets at roof to enable height of beam to give good clearance for view from inside house and clear smoke from fire pit and BBQ quickly while still keeping dry - West Boise

Design - Renderings and drawings showing design for use of bonus room truss space to be used as an office/storage space

Design and Photos - Drawings, Floor Plans, 3D renderings of a Master Bedroom Addition including an upper and lower patio remodel - Boise Foothills

This gallery will contain misc 3D renders and drawings of projects that Hoff Design Build has put a hand to

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Ocean Front…Really?

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3D Creative Design by Hoff Design Build

Ocean Front Property

The idea behind great 3D creative design is to be able to see it before it becomes a reality.  In this project, the ocean in the background is really not there, but in order to make the sales brochures believable to the clients, they need to see what they will be purchasing.  It is important to my client that the 3D rendering be the same view buyers will have when they purchase these condos.

Ocean Front Property

So How did we pull it off?  We created a wide image consisting of pictures taken on location.  In a panoramic view we made a 3D wall in our architectural software programs, and pasted the image to the wall.  We directed lighting toward the wall until it looked like sunlight.  The models where placed in front of the arched wall and rendered from inside the condos. Then rendered.

We did not have to design and draw the entire structure, just the interior space necessary to portray the 3d render of the ocean view.


And here we show the 3D creative design of the modern European style kitchen of course…

Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

When you need 3D creative design for your next project, Contact Hoff Design Build know, we can help you, too.

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